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Equality & Diversity Policy

1. Introduction


Creative Heritage is committed to promoting and upholding the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We believe in creating an environment where all individuals are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, regardless of their characteristics or backgrounds. This policy outlines our commitment to promoting equality and diversity and sets out our approach to achieving these goals.


2. Principles


At Creative Heritage, we adhere to the following principles:


Equality: We will ensure that everyone, regardless of their age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic, is treated equally and with respect.


Diversity: We value and celebrate the diversity of our community and seek to create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and valued.


Inclusion: We aim to actively include individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in our activities, events, and decision-making processes.


3. Responsibilities


Leadership Commitment: Our leadership team is responsible for promoting and embedding equality and diversity principles within Creative Heritage.


Staff and Volunteers: All staff and volunteers are expected to treat others with respect and actively promote equality and diversity in their work.


4. Implementation


We will implement the following strategies to promote equality and diversity:


Recruitment and Selection: We will ensure fair and transparent recruitment processes that consider the skills, qualifications, and potential of all candidates, irrespective of their background.


Training and Development: We will provide training and development opportunities to enhance awareness and understanding of equality and diversity issues for our staff, volunteers, and participants.


Inclusive Programming: We will create programming and activities that are accessible and inclusive for all, taking into account the diverse needs and preferences of our community.


Reporting and Monitoring: We will regularly monitor and review our policies and practices to identify and address any disparities or areas where improvements are needed.


5. Harassment and Discrimination


Creative Heritage has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination. Any incidents will be promptly investigated and appropriate action taken.


6. Review and Monitoring


This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with legal requirements and best practices.


7. Contact Information


Designated Equality and Diversity Officer: Daniela Miteva

Contact Email:


Date of Last Review: 30 August 2023

Next Review Date: 30 August 2024

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