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About the Festival

The crown jewel of Creative Heritage is the Around the World Festival. This is a big event aiming to showcase and celebrate various world cultures through music, dance, drama and other performing arts. The first edition of the ATW Festival was in June 2023 at the Cryer Arts theatre. The show featured over 60 performers of different ages and 12 world cultures, who all call the borough of Sutton their home. The event was incredibly well received for its positive impact on promoting unity and local diversity. It generated interest from the local council and thanks to its success, our team was able to secure funding for more cultural events and the next edition of the festival. You can see some of the pictures in our gallery here

Around The World Festival 2024

This year we are extremely proud and privileged to be able to bring to you Around the World Festival 2024 - bigger and better as we promised. The venue remains the same - The Cryer Arts theatre, as we feel there's hardly any other artistic venue in our borough that can surpass the quality of sound, light and equipment, the theatre offers. To give a chance to more people to experience this incredible celebration of culture and an explosion of positivity, as well as giving a platform to more performers to showcase their talent, we are having 2 shows on 27th May, 2024. It's a bank holiday, so you have the perfect excuse for a really good time with the entire family! The team has also planned more activities for the little ones and lovers of world cultures from all ages and backgrounds. 

Take part in Around the World Festival 2024

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The performer registration form is now open for entries for both shows on 27th May 2024 at Cryer Arts Theatre. You may enter individually or as a group. Your performance should be a genuine artistic representation of a world culture - ideally, the culture you identify with, but we will not be limiting participants based on their background. You are required to submit a video with your performance before we can confirm your participation in any or both of the shows. This is to give us a better idea of what is going to be presented on stage, how it fits the concept and maintain diversity of represented cultures. Hobbyist singers, musicians and dancers are welcome, as well as professionals! All we want to see is your passion for your own form of art and how proud you are to represent your culture. Registration closes on 15th March at 23.59pm.

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