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Who We Are

Creative Heritage is a community group, run by volunteers and focused on the preservation and popularisation of cultural art and traditions. The founding members, a.k.a trustees are a group of women with Eastern European heritage and personal ties to other ethnic communities. We believe there is a lot of wisdom and value in every ethnic folklore that needs to be shared with a wider audience. Every child should know their roots and celebrate the culture of others around them. 

The community group's objects are to promote cultural artistic heritage through music, dance, drama acts and traditional
cuisine for the Bulgarian and other ethnic groups in the UK as a means of furthering the following charitable purposes:

(1) The advancement of education
(2) The advancement of arts, culture, heritage or science

by the provision of singing and drama classes, educational activities, and regular cultural events and festivals.

Meet The Team


Mariella Blago

Creative Director, Marketing Officer, Chair


Aneta Kokalanova

Artist Communication, Safeguarding Officer, Secretary


Lyubava Drumova

Artist Communication, Treasurer


Daniela Miteva

Vendor Communication Lead, Equality & Diversity Officer


Rositsa Georgieva

Decor & Costume Sourcing Lead, 
Health & Safety Officer


Mariya Doncheva

Sponsorship Manager,



Oluwaseye Olateru


African Community Manager


Kam Narotam

Indian Community Manager

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Together we are better!

Our Mission

1. To promote and support cultural events for a variety of ethnic groups, showcasing their traditional music, dance, art and cuisine.

2. To motivate children, aged 4+, living in the UK, with a flair for music and performing arts to follow and work hard on their dreams by preparing and entering them into music & art competitions, festivals and performing events. We believe there are no limits for greatness, only the ones you impose on yourself.
3. To help young and adult hidden talents of any cultural heritage, aged 8+ to uncover their potential, build confidence for being on stage and improve their vocal and artistic skills by providing training classes and opportunities to master their natural gifts. 
4. To educate Bulgarian children aged 4+, living in the UK about Bulgarian cultural traditions and folklore by providing classes and special events.
5. To popularise Bulgarian traditional music and folklore among the wider community by organising a range of inclusive activities for residents in and around London, UK.

Bulgarian Folklore Choir "Maghiya"

The spark behind the community group was Bulgarian Folklore Choir "Maghiya". It started in October 2019 as a recreational singing group for children of Bulgarian origin. Today, the choir comprises of 12 junior members of mixed heritage, aged 6-15 years old and some adult singers. "Maghiya" focuses on Bulgarian folklore with authentic and modernised sound and arrangement, while also teaching the children about cultural celebrations, customs and rituals, improving their vocal, acting and overall performing skills. The choir has presented three original musicals on local stages in Sutton, UK since December 2020 and participated in various festivals, community events and concerts in London.  More about the Choir, read here

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