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We preserve and promote cultural art and celebrations in the forms of music, dance, drama and creative workshops. We want every child growing up in a multicultural community to know and be proud of their roots, while discovering other amazing traditions from around the world. 

We organise a variety of creative workshops, markets and music concerts throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled for our next  fundraising activity you can join. Click the arrow below to see a list of our upcoming events, save your spot and browse through what we've done in the past. 

Most of our big music events are sponsored by small local businesses, who just like us believe the popularisation of traditions and cultural heritage is the base of a happy, healthy and respectful diverse community. You can see a list of our sponsors and become one.

You can support our mission by sponsoring our events, taking part in our fundraising activities or sending us one-off or regular donations. Every contribution you can make means a lot to us and helps us create pleasant, educational and culturally enriching experiences. 

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