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Performers Terms & Conditions - Around the World Festival

  • Your participation in Around The World Festival is not confirmed unless one of our artist coordinators contacts you with an official performing invitation. For us to send out invitations, we need to have received a recording of your performance or something similar you've done before. We are not selecting performers based on their level of professionalism, but must make sure our performances are representing a diverse set of cultures and fit the concept of the festival. If you are unable to upload a recording at the time of filling our registration form, please send us one no later than 29th February 2024 on email to We expect to send official performing invitations from 1st March 2024. 

  • This event will be professionally photographed and there will be video recording, too. This will then be shared on various social media channels to promote the festival and the work of Creative Heritage. If you do not wish for your image to be shown on social media, please let us know via email to For children performers we will be sending separate Consent Forms to be filled and signed by their parents/legal guardians. 

  • We will be running a dress rehearsal on 19th May to give a chance to all performers to practise their performance on stage with the equipment and lighting. Rehearsals start at 1pm and end at 6pm. A detailed schedule will be sent to you by 3rd May. We expect all performers to arrive promptly in order to respect the rehearsal schedule and avoid delays, which will impact the opportunity of others to rehearse and for us as a team to assess any last-minute changes that need to be made. Once you have rehearsed on stage you can stay in the audience and watch the others or go out. Please do not leave, unless you have spoken to one of the stage managers and they have confirmed you no longer need to stay. Parents are carers are not allowed to watch the dress rehearsals.

  • On the day of the shows (27th May 2024) we expect all performers to arrive on time as per their schedule. 

  • No parents/relatives of the performers will be allowed in the dressing rooms or backstage during the dress rehearsal and during both shows, unless those parents/relatives are also group leaders. Children will be looked after by their group teachers/leaders and licensed chaperones. 

  • There will be no seats in the audience for the performers and their relatives unless they have bought a ticket. There will be concession tickets available, these will be published in February 2024. Performers are welcome to stay backstage for the duration of their show (or both shows if they are taking part in both). If they wish to watch the concert or join their relatives/friends in the audience, they would need to have booked a ticket. There will be no room for people standing on the sides and no one will be allowed in the auditorium without a ticket. Please communicate this to the parents and legal guardians of any children performers. Group leaders/teachers do not need to buy a ticket if they are staying backstage with their group throughout the duration of the festival. 

  • Each show will run into 2 parts. Each part is 45 minutes long, split by an interval of 30 minutes. During the break, performers are allowed to leave the dressing rooms and mingle with their relatives and friends. Everyone MUST be backstage before the second part commences (unless they have a ticket and can then join in the audience). If, for whatever reason, your group cannot stay until the end of the festival, please let us know in advance, so we can make arrangements for your performers to receive their certificates before they leave. 

  • If you wish to advertise your group/classes, you can do so by providing us with promotional materials such as flyers, business cards, branded freebies, which we can put in the goodie bags to be given to the audience or display your ad on the multimedia screen during your performance and the interval. All items MUST be delivered to us by 15th May, 2024 at 71 Park Lane, Carshalton, SM5 3EE or files for digital display must be sent to no later than 10th May. There will be no dropping of flyers and other promo items on the day. 

  • We understand that emergencies happen and unforeseen circumstances can sometimes come to play. The success of our event is dependent on the commitment of all performers. Therefore, we are asking for a video recording of your planned performance to be sent to us by 20th May, 2024. If you wish, we may be able to record you during the dress rehearsal. We will only play this video at the event if you or your group is unable to attend on the day or you have trouble performing live on stage. The video must be recorded in landscape format and the performers should wear their costumes/traditional attire they were planning to wear at the live performance. 

  • These terms may be subject to change in some unforeseen circumstances, or circumstances beyond our control, but you will always be notified in advance and we will work with you to make sure this does not impact negatively your experience as part of Around The World Festival 2024. 

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