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Light of Souls: A Celebration of Unity and Cultural Fusion

At Creative Heritage, our mission revolves around preserving and promoting diverse world cultures. We firmly believe that beneath our differences in origins and appearances, we share common traditions that ultimately bind us together as one global community. Our recent event, "Light of Souls," was a testament to this belief, as it marked our first collaborative celebration with Sutton's Indian community, harmoniously blending the traditions of Diwali and All Souls Day.

"Light of Souls" served as an integral part of the expansive Light & Dark Festival 2023-24. Supported by Sutton Council, the Mayor of London, the Heritage Fund, and STEAMs Ahead, this festival aimed to shed light on the beauty of cultural diversity, the science behind illumination, and the transformative power of creativity and technology in cultural experiences. Furthermore, the event was a significant component of our year-long project, "Sutton Community Unity," generously funded by Community Action Sutton.

On the 19th of November, our event welcomed an incredible turnout of 120 guests, representing a rich selection of backgrounds and traditions. The day was illuminated by captivating performances by Dance Dreamers, the talented SHIAMAK students, and the enchanting Bulgarian Folklore Choir "Maghiya." These performances effortlessly bridged the gap between two distinct cultures, creating a sense of unity and celebration.

"Light of Souls" also offered an array of engaging activities, ensuring that there was something for everyone to enjoy. Children enthusiastically participated in creative workshops, allowing them to explore their artistic talents. The henna tattoo booth and photo booth added a touch of flair and fun to the festivities, with these attractions being free to all our cherished guests.

As we reflect on the success of "Light of Souls," we are reminded of the immense potential for cultural exchange and unity within our diverse community. We look forward to nurturing this spirit of collaboration and hosting more events that celebrate our shared heritage and the beauty of our differences. Together, we can continue to create, share, and cherish cultural experiences that enrich us all.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects from Creative Heritage as we embark on our journey towards greater unity and understanding among cultures.


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