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Around The World Festival 2024 to Celebrate Cultural Diversity at Cryer Arts Theatre

The diverse cultures of Sutton will come together for a joyous celebration on 27th May, 2024, when the Around The World Festival returns to the Cryer Arts Theatre. Organised by the community group Creative Heritage, the festival aims to highlight the borough’s rich palette of global traditions through music, dance, drama, and other performing arts.

The first festival in 2023 set a high standard, featuring more than 60 performers from 12 cultural backgrounds, who all call Sutton their home. It won praise from the local council and received support from the community for promoting unity and cultural understanding. This success enabled Creative Heritage to secure funding for more cultural events, leading to an even bigger and better edition in 2024.

To accommodate a larger audience and give more performers (over 100!) the opportunity to showcase their talents, this year's festival will feature two shows: the first from 1-3 PM and the second from 5-7 PM. Notably, the second show will be opened by the Mayor of Sutton, Councillor Colin Stears, demonstrating his support for the borough's multicultural community. Other officials, including the Mayors of Reigate and Banstead, Kingston, Merton, and Islington, have also been invited to lend their support to participants from their respective boroughs.

Around the World Festival 2024 poster

An interesting feature of the festival is that awards will be presented to performers in eight categories for each show. The organisers emphasise that the ATW Festival is not a competitive event, but they wish to recognise and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and talent of all participants. Winners in seven of the eight categories will be selected by a jury comprising group leaders and teachers. The final category, Audience Favourite Performance, will be determined by live voting from the audience during each show.

Creative Heritage: Building a Stronger Community

Founded by a group of women with Bulgarian heritage, Creative Heritage is passionate about preserving and sharing cultural wisdom. Its mission is to promote cultural heritage through music, dance, and drama while fostering unity and inclusivity.

The group provides classes, educational activities, and events that empower young artists to discover their potential and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Their dedication to promoting the arts has created a supportive environment where hidden talents can shine and a new generation can embrace their heritage.

“My dream is that one day this festival will take place in Wembley or the O2 Arena. I know what we do is brilliant and it is so, so important not only for the children but for everyone. Especially, in times where peace is not guaranteed and unity seems to be drifting more and more apart. I am certain music, dance and art are the key to a happier, more peaceful and a better world. We are all one, and through our work at Creative Heritage and with Around the World Festival we are proving it. More people need to know about it, more people need to be able to watch these shows. And I know, one day, this dream will come true!” - says the creative director and chair of Creative Heritage, Mariella Blago. 

Creative Heritage team - organisers of the ATW festival 2024

Festival Details

  • Date: 27th May, 2024

  • Venue: Cryer Arts Theatre, 39 Carshalton High Street, SM5 3BB

  • Show Times:

  • 1st Show: 1-3 PM

  • 2nd Show: 5-7 PM

Tickets are available via the QR code on the festival's promotional materials or through the Cryer Arts Theatre box office: 

Creative Heritage invites everyone to join them at the Around The World Festival 2024 to share in this extraordinary cultural experience and celebrate the beauty of diversity in Sutton, London and the United Kingdom. 

Cultures explored at the ATW Festival in Sutton 2024


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