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Around The World Festival Is BACK!!!

We promised that in 2024 we will return with Around The World Festival, making it bigger and better for everyone! Well, we are not one to go back on our promises! We have the date, we have the space, and most importantly, we have the performers! Let's give you all the juicy details about Sutton's most exciting and culturally enriching event this summer!

Around the World Festival 2024 Sutton

When, Where, Who

Don't book any short or long getaways for the May half-term holiday, because we've got you sorted! ATW Festival 2024 will take place on 27th May, which happens to be the late May bank holiday and the first day of the school half-term break. What's really exciting about the festival this year is that we have two shows!

Yes, that's right, double the seats, double the performers, double the entertainment!

The first show will begin at 1pm and last 2 hours with an interval of 30 min for everyone to take a breather (or a pint!). The second show starts promptly at 5pm and will end at 7pm, again with an half an hour interval.

Following the tradition of last year, we are sticking to borough's most exquisite performance venue, the one and only, the Cryer Arts Theatre! Despite the limited seating, this venue provides the best technical support and sets the tone just right for dynamic shows like the ATW festival.

I can hear you asking "Are the two shows going to be the same?". The answer is no! Although there are some performances that will be repeated in both shows, the majority of what you see on stage will be unique to the slot you are attending. We received quite a few applications from local performers who were so eager to represent their cultures, so we tried to give a chance to everyone to showcase their talent and their traditions.

Around the world festival 2024 lineup

Where to get tickets

Like last year, tickets for the festival are sold directly on the theatre's website. As this event is now part of a larger project called "Sutton Community Unity" and has received some funding from Community Action Sutton, we are able to offer you discounted tickets for children in 2024. Adult tickets are priced at £10, children over 5 years can get a ticket at £5 and those under 5 are welcome to enjoy the shows for free. As you may know, the seating is limited and once the seats are gone, they are gone!

A total of 270 tickets (135 per show) are released and they will go really quickly. So, if you don't want to miss this early summer's cultural extravaganza, book your seats now right here.

Why do we do Around the World Festival?

We know Sutton is a diverse borrow and has so many talents. We want to show that community can stand united in its diversity and give a platform to all of these young and older performers to showcase their gifts, proudly representing their heritage or one they resonate with. There is wisdom in every world folklore, there is beauty in every dance style, special energy in every song and ancient traditions passed down generations through stories and other types of art. If you, too, are a believer of all of the above, Around The World Festival is the place to be this late May bank holiday!

images from Around The World Festival 2023 in a collage


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