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Care for The Hair - A Way to Accept and Express Yourself

Updated: Apr 16

Hair. What comes to mind when you hear the word? Perhaps many different things. But is there a specific feeling curling up deep in your chest? Pride, fear, or something else entirely?

Whatever that feeling is, it shows you your emotional connection with hair. One that is different for every person, but it could be profoundly influenced by cultural differences, customs and beliefs.

At Creative Heritage we like exploring everything in our cultural backgrounds that makes us Us. While most of our events focus on performing arts, we're taking a different approach this time, diving into the applied art of haircare.

"Care for The Hair" is a special event that digs deep into our understanding of hair, its cultural and personal significance in one's life. Hair is a powerful tool for self expression, belonging and making a bold statement. More importantly, it offers a pathway to self-acceptance, love, and care. Daily hair rituals will look different for different people. And let's face it, for many they won't be daily at all! Learning about how our hair behaves, what it likes, what it dislikes and how it changes it very important in our journey of self acceptance. Even if, you've lost some or all of your hair.

Exploring hair's significance in different cultures can foster respect, bring us closer together as a community, and spark a fresh wave of creativity.

Different hair types - afro, mixed, wavy and straight

So, this is why, Creative Heritage partnered with Community Action Sutton, St Nicholas Shopping Centre, a local haircare consultant Grace Davis and a Level 2 Hair and Beauty student at Wandsworth College, Borislava Koycheva, to bring to you, the first-of-its-kind "Care for the Hair" event. Join us on Saturday, 20th April from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM at the Attic in St. Nick's Shopping Centre.

We're committed to making this event accessible to many, so admission is FREE with prior registration on our website: Oh, but why does it say £5 Standard Ticket and £3 Young Person ticket? This is merely a strategy to ensure attendees' commitment. Full refunds for these tickets will be issued at the event to those who attend. Plus, you are entered in a raffle with a chance to win a Gift Card for Hair Products and personalised recommendations from our hair care consultants. This approach helps us manage attendance better, as past free events have sold out quickly but suffered from low turnout. Please note that the 1-1 hair consultations are non-refundable.

What to Expect at "Care for the Hair"

  • Check-in: Arrive and register at the desk at 3:30 PM. Our team will be there to greet you, check your tickets, and process refunds.

  • Seminar: Starting at 4:00 PM, Grace and Borislava will guide you through the rich history of hair, discussing various types, style tips, and upcoming trends for all hair textures, from kinky afro to fine, straight Asian and European locks.

  • Fashion Show: Witness a short fashion show on the escalators leading to the Attic, showcasing diverse cultural hairstyles. It's also a perfect moment for a snack or drink from the local eateries.

  • Hands-on Session: By 5:00 PM, we'll reconvene for a hands-on experience. Feel free to practice new hairstyles on a friend, child, or one of our hair mannequins.

  • Activities for Kids: There are also colouring and drawing activities for children, with a chance to win a prize for the best hairstyle design.

  • Raffle: All pre-booked tickets on our website enter a raffle with a chance to win £20 Gift Card for hair care products recommended specifically for the winner's hair type.

  • One-on-One Consultations: If you have booked a slot, you will now have an opportunity to sit down with our hair consultants in the mini huts at 5:30 PM, for a 1-1 hair consultation with customised advice tailored to your hair type.

And then, that's a wrap! We hope that you will leave with a big smile on your face, enriched knowledge of diverse hair types, and maybe a few new friends!

Can't wait to see you this Saturday! Hurry up saving your spot, because once the seats are gone, they are gone!

Care for the Hair Official Poster with details

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